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Welcome to my Harp page.
If you take anyting from here (that includes the backgroud)
Please link back to:
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Thank You
This is my new harp.  (the different colors are due to different lighting.)
"Esabelle Kathleen"
Esabelle is the model name and Kathleen is my name from the
daughter of a dear friend of mine.  Both of them helped me get my harp from:
I love the sound.  I have never played a cross strung harp before and I was amazed at how easy it is and how
beautiful she sounds.
Thank you Thom Larson (proprieter of  The Whistle Shop, Normal, Illinois)

(this is actually the same harp taken in different light and at a different distance.)


The background and logo were made using digital camera photos from ArcSoft photo studio  and the free version of  Ultimate Paint from
The dolls were made using PSP6 and dolls from

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